After Sale Services

After sale services, warranty

A Slip Ring Unit is an electromechanical part which allows transfer power and electrical signals from a stationary interface to a rotating structure. Slip Rings can be used in any electromechanical system which requires unrestrained, intermittent or continuous rotation while transmitting power, signal and/or data.

Customer Services

Technical service

Cosmau company offers a professional technical services, for example, slip ring installation, application instruction, slip ring troubleshooting. Any about slip ring, please feel free to contact our service engineer.

Factory Repair Service

Cosmau company offers a factory repair service for the rebuilding of cosmau slip ring. Factory repaired slip ring are warranteed to be free from defects in material and process for one year from the date of shipment, external factor lead to the broken never belong to the free repaired terms.

A goods series number is requiredprior to returning slip ring to cosmau for repair service, you can submission this number to our service email, the customer service will contact the customer with the details.

1. Repairable Slip Ring - The cost is 60% of the price of a new slip ring

2. Beyond Repair - If slip ring cannot be repaired with any replaceable parts, The customer service will contact the customer and ask for returning or scrap at cosmau company and quote the price for a new slip ring if you want.
All slip rings are disassembled for repair service, if the customer determines not to repair the slip ring, it will be handled same as Beyond Repair

Cosmau Warranty

For a period of one year from the date of shipment, Cosmau warrants that the products sold by it are free from defects in material and workmanship. The liability of cosmau is expressly limited to the replacement or rebuilding of any article, or part thereof, proved defective, when returned to the cosmau company, transportation prepaid within a reasonable time after the termination of the one year warranty period.

This warranty is void if the product is dismantled, modified, altered, or damaged from improper maintenance, side-loading, excessive temperature, abrasive or chemical action, or other abuse.

No representative, agent or employee of cosmau has any authority to modify the terms of this warranty.
The customer can submit any requires of cosmau slip ring to the service email: [email protected]