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Power, signal and data transfer in rotating structure

A Slip Ring Unit is an electromechanical part which allows transfer power and electrical signals from a stationary interface to a rotating structure. Slip Rings can be used in any electromechanical system which requires unrestrained, intermittent or continuous rotation while transmitting power, signal and/or data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the structure of a slip ring?

A slip ring is comprised of two major components, a rotor and a stator. The rotor is the component which rotates and the stator is the component which is mounted in a fixed position. In most cases, the rotor contains the slip rings (the part of the assembly on to which the brushes make contact), and the stator is comprised of the brush assembly or brush block which contains the contacting brushes.

What types or configurations of slip rings are available?

Slip rings are available in a variety of configurations. The one most used is the "capsule" and "thru-bore", and also a “platter” or “pancake” type are also available and used when there is a height restriction within the application. Slip rings can also, dependent upon the application, be supplied as “hybrid” assemblies which means that other components can be added to the assembly such as pneumatic and hydraulic media rotary unions and fiber optic rotary joints.

What types of signals can be transferred across the slip rings?

COSMAU can supply slip ring designs which can transmit low and middle level frequency signals such as: Inter Bus, Profibus, RS422, RS485, PLC control signals, digital and analog video, digital audio, Ethernet, and sensor signals.

What information is needed in order for COSMAU to supply the correct slip ring?

It is important that we understand and receive the following information along with your slip ring inquiry:

  • Operating rotational speed
  • The number and type (power and signal) of circuits required
  • The current rating of each of the circuits required within the slip ring
  • If signal circuits are required, we must understand what types of signals or data will be transferred across the slip ring
  • The operating temperature range of the slip ring
  • The environmental conditions the slip ring will operate or the IP class of sealing required if known
  • The type and length of the exit wiring, or connectors required

What types of brush systems are supplied with the COSMAU slip rings?

COSMAU can supply slip rings with a number of brush contact systems, mainly used is fiber brush system, precious metal contact, gold-on-gold.

How do I send an inquiry to COSMAU?

The best way to send us an inquiry or to ask any product or application questions is to contact us. We will make sure to respond to you quickly!