Custom Solutions

Customized slip rings and rotary unions to meet your needs.

Benefit from our many years of engineering experience in the areas of fluid and sealing technology as well as electrotechnical transmission technology. COSMAU offers custom designed components for specialized applications,our engineers work one-on-one with you and your team to design a custom rotary union & slip ring that best fits your needs — plus, we’re well known in the industry for our fast, efficient service.


The process behind our custom solutions begins with 3D generated design proposals and model supply. This provides for ease of product integration prior to manufacturing approval. You'll receive a custom design review and approval to finalize fit, mounting, and port locations.


Slip Rings

Mounting flange

Direction of lead wire exits

Connectors and heat shrink tube

Lead wire length

Shield wire

Transmit combined high speed data

Customize for high temperature,shockproof environment

Combined with pneumatic,hydraulic

Customize high voltage,large current slip ring

IP65,IP68 Optional

Affordable price

Rotary Unions

Mounting flange

Through hole or solid design

up to 36 passages

Pressures up to 5000 psi

Variety of porting and connection size

Variety of seal combinations, materials, and coatings

Combined with electrical slip rings

Affordable price